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Changing the Face of Marketing, Literally

Google’s tabbing functionality has been the driving force of experimenting with new ways of presenting commercial emails to users and presenting ads in Gmail. Now, the “visual web” is coming to email with Google’s latest grid view in the Gmail Promotions tab — allowing for “pin-like” viewing ability and categorizing — where the image is first priority and the offer second.

This new field trial brings much more visual excitement to Gmail, allowing for infinite scrolling and the ability to switch between the visual and standard view with one click. Not only is the new Promotions tab interesting, it’s useful. The tab allows users to keep clutter out of their main box/Primary tab, separating promotions from actual emails. Also, the grid view allows for quicker and easier scanning — a more efficient way to get to what you are really interested in.

Currently, the new Promotions tab is only available to English users with addresses. If you’d like to sign up for this field trial, click HERE.


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Social Media Essentials

Social media marketing and its importance among businesses is ever-growing because of the cost-effective ability to divide industries and target leads quickly and effectively. Our team has compiled a list of our top social media suggestions/essentials:

Create a Visual Identity

It is crucial to uphold your brand’s identity throughout all platforms, creating an online presence that exudes authority. We suggest professional design for all of your social media artwork, which should be consistently changing/engaging — new artwork every month or so, if not more often.

Know Your Audience & Listen to Them

Do not target an audience that will have no interest in your products/services, just to gain more “likes” or followers. Once you have your target audience, listen to them:  What are they talking about? What interests them? What groups are they associated with? The more you cater to your audience, the more return/interest you will have.

Participate & Collaborate

Once your social media platforms are established, maintain them. Your interactions will make an impression on your “followers.” If your activity becomes dormant, your audience will disengage and your online authority will lessen. Social media involvement is a daily duty with strategies that consistently need to be reviewed and prepared.

Be Consistent

Once you have established a following, your interactions will be anticipated, if not expected. Do not let your audience down; be consistent.

Time Your Posts

Your time is valuable — make the most out of your social media posts. Research the best times/days to post on each platform so that your brand and information is presented to the largest audience possible.

Manage Your Followers

Timely communication is key. If your followers contact you via social media, make sure to communicate with them as quickly as possible to make a great impression and to build reputability.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are at your disposal to extend your reach and promote campaigns and brand awareness! We suggest creating a list of hashtags (at least 30) based off of your target audience. We also suggest researching the success of existing hashtags to be able to address a larger audience. But, make sure that they are relevant to your business so that your reach is not too broad.

Manage Comments

Negative comments will happen, not matter what and positive comments need to be recognized. Monitoring comments is essential to your online image. As mentioned before, this is an ongoing, daily task that requires commitment.

Connect Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is about awareness — boost that awareness by integrating all social media outlets on all platforms. By doing this, stronger online authority will develop.

Add Social Media Information to EVERYTHING

Promote, promote, promote!!! All of your web and print items should intermingle. To strengthen your social media following and online presence, promote your outlets on/in everything possible, including your website, email signatures, email blasts, business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. The more the merrier!


To learn more about developing online authority or to discuss how our team can help you create a custom marketing plan, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Effect of Mobile on Twitter’s IPO

In recent years, the launching of an initial public offering for a free web based application such as Twitter has been watched closely particularly after the dismal results of Facebook and Groupon.  Groupon lost half of its initial value within months of their IPO launch, and is still trading below its offer price.  Facebook faced a similar fate but was lucky enough to deliver gains for investors within a year, thanks in part to the explosive growth of mobile users and focus on mobile advertising.

Despite seeing slow user growth over the last year, Twitter was still poised to take the stock market by storm. Initial stock prices were announced at $17- $20 dollars a share but quickly reached $26 per share prior to the IPO.  Analysts set Twitter’s initial valuation at 12.8 billion while estimating it could go as high as 40 billion.  By all accounts, the IPO launch was a success, with prices soaring to almost $50 a share during trading. As of this article, the stock price was hovering around $41 per share.  Yet how can the micro blogging site keep delivering value for its investors?

The answer is simple, mobile advertising revenue. Facebook earns 30% from its mobile advertising revenue, and with 189 million users accessing it only from Smart Phones and Tablets; it is safe to say that mobile users are the sweet spot. Twitter, originally designed for mobile phones, shares the same sweet spot, with 65 % of its ad revenue coming from mobile advertising.

To stay competitive and viable on the stock market, both Facebook and Twitter will need to continue to grow their share of the mobile advertising landscape. This task should not be too difficult with mobile computing continuing to grow and Gartner estimating the number of units shipped by 2017 at 2.9 billion.

Integration and Beyond…

Many traditional techniques of gaining rank position and driving web traffic have become redundant. This has caused businesses worldwide to carefully re-evaluate their SEO and web strategies. Businesses must diversify their marketing strategies to survive, and more importantly stay ahead of their competition.

Google recently released ‘Penguin’ and this new update has the ability to shake things up. Most of the methods that website owners and SEO marketers had implemented over the years to earn their search engine ranking could now be made ineffective

We all know Google runs the show when it comes to a business’s ranking, which directly effects their success or failure online.  Using only SEO strategies is placing your bet on only one horse – you must diversify.  Many businesses may not realize how easy it is to spread their marketing dollars around. According to statistics Youtube gets 4 billion global video views every day. What you need to take from that statistic is that today’s audience loves web video! (hint hint)!

Numbers don’t lie, and online video marketing’s influence is reaching farther than most than predicted. In fact earlier this year, a Bright Roll survey found that 65% of marketers plan to reallocate their campaigning dollars from TV to online video. While a quarter of those marketers see online and mobile video as the two areas that will gain the largest spend increase over the next two years. With this knowledge, it makes sense for traditional SEO, web video and real world marketing to be integrated together in order to level the playing field for all online businesses.

Jenyns, a director at Melbourne Video Productions recently stated that; “We recently placed a physical QR Code for one of my clients, The Dentists, near their business location, on a busy public sidewalk.” A QR (Quick Response) Code looks like a barcode, except it holds a larger amount of data that can lead to websites, web videos or other information. Jenyns then says, “Passersby can’t help themselves because it says Bored? Scan This – the curiosity gets the better of them. They then use their smartphone to scan the code, and they get introduced to The Dentists via web video, as they stand on the street.”

All businesses must move forward with their marketing, or risk losing the audience they have worked so hard to attain. CIM offers ecommerce solutions that deliver an impact on your brand and ROI. We provide concise data, with key recommendations and strategic insights about pivotal developments in your focus areas. Our vision is to be the most valuable source of consulting intelligence for our customers. Visit for a customized integrated marketing strategy that will drive your business forward.