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Digital Marketing Certification: Why Employees and Employers Benefit

Certification and Digital Skills:  Benefits to Employers and Employees

In today’s fast paced world, finding employees with right skills is proving difficult for many organizations. The extent of the problem is such that 93% of HR executives1 report matching the skillsets of candidates to the job openings in organizations as a growing and ongoing challenge.

For digital skills, the situation is grave as the pace of technologies and channels make it difficult to keep up. While the digital skills deficit may be well-known, for many businesses the path to digital enlightenment is not an easy one. Many organizations fail to see a skills gap when it begins to occur. Or when they do, they are unsure of the steps needed to introduce a scalable and effective digital skills learning and development program.

So what is the solution?

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Social Selling – It takes Digital Skills too!

What is Social Selling All About?

Social selling is a relatively new concept and practice, but it now forms a key part of the sales process for brands, businesses and individual professionals in marketing and sales. Sourcing, curating and sharing content that is relevant and useful to your sales prospects is central to this practice, particularly in the B2B environment, on top of producing and distributing original content.

LinkedIn defines social selling as: “Leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.”

While this is a reasonably simple definition, social selling these days can be a sophisticated process, with high-quality content at the forefront. It requires knowledge and skill to execute well, but when done so, the results can be outstanding.

Sharing insightful, useful content with your target audience has many benefits, including:

• Building your brand, reputation and authority

• Generating trust by sharing and curating from a range of sources, both external material and your own content

• Providing value to your customers and potential customers

• Converting fans and followers into leads and customers

The effectiveness of social selling is borne out by evidence and numbers. Social sellers realize a 66% greater quota attainment than those using traditional prospecting techniques (SBI). Companies such as SAP, IBM and many others have reported significant sales success from social selling.

The case for businesses employing social selling as a key part of their activities is therefore undeniable. And those who master the art are becoming highly valuable team members in marketing and sales. This eBook gives you the knowledge and guidance required.

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Leadership and Culture in Digital Marketing

A minute on Leadership and Culture in Digital Marketing.

The most important thing digital marketing leaders do is to foster a culture that supports experience and learning, and that is constantly seeking better customer outcomes and better ways of achieving those outcomes.   This is especially true in Digital Marketing as so much is learned by doing and the core of the industry is optimization.  The challenge for leaders is that they can’t dictate the culture; they can only create the right conditions for it to emerge. An interesting metaphor  about a “gardener” recently read summed it up nicely.   You know that you can’t make anything grow. You can create the right conditions with the right amount of water, and enough sun. You can remove other plants or weeds that might compete with the ones you want to grow, and you can protect the plants from those pesky animals.  But, again, you can not make the plants grow.  So you can’t control all factors.  However, and an organization’s culture emerges only partly as an expressions of its leaders aspirations; most of it comes from the people in the organization, how they treat each other and work together. Culture can not be cut and pasted, and it is what makes your organization unique. But while leaders can’t control and dictate this culture, they can encourage it and cause it to flourish by the examples they set and the behaviors that they model.

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