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Curate is not Create

Posted on January 08 2019 / In Content Marketing / No Comments

Curation is a strategy that every content marketer and digital seller execute. It demonstrates authority and trust, and build connections. Curating content actually takes less effort than creating it.

First step is get some content resources…  Suggest you do this manually for a bit if you are new so you get the idea.  Then you can take a look at some other tools below that allow scale.

  • Create a Twitter list that includes key influencers on big data and monitor it for relevant content
  • Do a Google Search for the latest content (bookmark some good content resources).
  • Create Google Alerts for key terms and check those often
  • Get feeds from key industry blogs and publications using an RSS Reader
  • Do a daily check of your preferred websites
  • Check influencers and find relevant posts

Now to scale…  Some tools for you to check out.

Anders PinkBuzzSumoFeedlyCurata will help you apply filters to the content you are seeking, and some will bring you automated updates.

For a certified course that may help with these content strategies look at…

Digital Marketing Professional  or maybe specialize content for Certification in Search Marketing.


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