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Digital Marketing Certification: Why Employees and Employers Benefit

Posted on January 03 2019 / In Digital Marketing Leadership / No Comments

Certification and Digital Skills:  Benefits to Employers and Employees

In today’s fast paced world, finding employees with right skills is proving difficult for many organizations. The extent of the problem is such that 93% of HR executives1 report matching the skillsets of candidates to the job openings in organizations as a growing and ongoing challenge.

For digital skills, the situation is grave as the pace of technologies and channels make it difficult to keep up. While the digital skills deficit may be well-known, for many businesses the path to digital enlightenment is not an easy one. Many organizations fail to see a skills gap when it begins to occur. Or when they do, they are unsure of the steps needed to introduce a scalable and effective digital skills learning and development program.

So what is the solution?

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