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Know Your Website Visitors

For many years marketers built websites, put them online and hoped that the content was relevant to potential customers. Then analytics tools evolved and we could begin to see what content was getting the most traffic, enabling us to make some intelligent assumptions and content improvements.

Today, sophisticated yet affordable marketing automation tools enable us to see who is visiting our websites and what specifically they are looking at—even if they don’t fill out a form. By understanding who visits your site and what they look at you can begin to gain insight into how to improve your website so that visitors see you as an authority in your field.

Marketing automation
See the website pages a prospect has visited.

Even more importantly, knowing what a visitor is looking at also enables the sales staff to reach out and answer questions before your competitors are even aware there is an opportunity. Advanced automation tools like notifications and email follow ups can also be employed to insure that visitors remain engaged with your company and that you are providing a customer-focused response.

You’ve spent a lot of time building a website with great content. Now, begin to systematically leverage that content to build business leads and see solid ROI.

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On-Site SEO Optimization: Synonyms

On-page optimization for SEO is critical to getting high search rankings and quality traffic. Traditionally SEOs recommended having laser-focused messaging on pages designed specifically for your top keywords, and this meant repeating the keyword in the H1 tag, H2 tags, alt tags, meta tags and within the first few paragraphs of the body copy. However, with Google’s algorithm changes this can begin to look “artificial,” potentially leading to a Google over-optimization penalty.

Major search engines now understand synonyms, so it’s time to take a more natural approach to copywriting. Yes, you still want to identify your keywords and build your pages so that the content is focused on key concepts. But pages should now include more natural variations of your keyword(s) throughout. Use a tool like Google AdWords to find related concepts and work those naturally into your articles or blog posts. This will help search engines understand the page content and insure that you are ranking for a wide variety of searches.

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Marketing Automation – Make Online Marketing Pay

Companies that have adopted marketing automation are seeing a wide variety of benefits, from increased leads to shortened sales cycles. CIM has helped a number of small to mid-size businesses make the most of their dollar with marketing automation. Here’s what’s important.

Know your customer. Marketing automation can help you know who is coming to your website and what they’re looking for. Pages of the website can be flagged as “important” and visitors can be “scored” based on the content they view.

The right message at the right time. Because user behavior is key to marketing automation, you can deliver copy to prospects based upon what content they visit at your website.

Hands-off lead nurturing. What leads are the hottest, the most likely to buy? Lead nurturing and lead scoring enable your sales team to know where to spend their time and energy.

Close more sales. Lead scoring tells you when prospects are ready to buy, so sales teams can focus on working with those customers who are likely to purchase.

Demonstrate ROI. Sophisticated campaign tracking lets you know which marketing efforts are paying off in leads and sales, not just website clicks.

Interested in learning how marketing automation can help your company make the most of your web marketing? Contact Chief Internet Marketer today to learn more.

Is Google Local Guides for You?

I’ve always wondered, with all of the money involved in online advertising, how come I—as the viewer—can’t get some? Well, looks like Google might just be headed in that direction (well, sort of). Google’s new program, Local Guides, aims to reward participants for posting quality content.

The program isn’t really new, but has recently been renamed from its old moniker “City Experts.” Participants will earn points and be rewarded in an escalating fashion with everything from exclusive contests to a boondoggle at the company’s headquarters for folks with the most points.

In a blog recent post, Google wrote, “You can earn points and level up by writing reviews, uploading photos, adding new places, fixing outdated information, and answering simple questions. Each contribution type is worth one point, so you can earn up to five points per place.”

So, Google has somewhat co-opted the secret shopper concept but made it a program to increase and improve web-based content, not doubt helping Google improve its search results. Pretty clever.

If you’d like to get in on the fun, check out their video.