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Conversational Search and SEO

Any search engine optimization (SEO) specialist will tell you that it’s easier to rank for 3-4 word terms than for broad one- or two-word terms. And really, it makes sense. There are fewer searches on these terms, therefore less competition. However, it’s also been shown that click through and conversion rates are higher for multi-term searches that serve up relevant content to visitors.

There’s now a new opportunity to target search terms beyond the traditional 3-4 word search phrases. The combination of smartphones with Google Voice Search or Siri does a good job of serving up results for a spoken search query, and that is opening up a whole new opportunity for those search queries made up of 5 or more words. Now that users can just ask their phones a natural-language question…they will.

So, when thinking about top search terms to target, think about questions like “What type of doctor treats ___________”, “Who’s the best divorce lawyer in _______________?”, “Where’s the best deal on __________ near me?” Since early movers can get to the top quickly for search terms, identifying these key “questions” and getting content in place can net big returns in organic traffic to your website.

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Is Google Local Guides for You?

I’ve always wondered, with all of the money involved in online advertising, how come I—as the viewer—can’t get some? Well, looks like Google might just be headed in that direction (well, sort of). Google’s new program, Local Guides, aims to reward participants for posting quality content.

The program isn’t really new, but has recently been renamed from its old moniker “City Experts.” Participants will earn points and be rewarded in an escalating fashion with everything from exclusive contests to a boondoggle at the company’s headquarters for folks with the most points.

In a blog recent post, Google wrote, “You can earn points and level up by writing reviews, uploading photos, adding new places, fixing outdated information, and answering simple questions. Each contribution type is worth one point, so you can earn up to five points per place.”

So, Google has somewhat co-opted the secret shopper concept but made it a program to increase and improve web-based content, not doubt helping Google improve its search results. Pretty clever.

If you’d like to get in on the fun, check out their video.

Local SEO

Is your business dependent upon local or regional customers? If so, is your store, office or organization properly setup in search engines and local directories to appear in local search results? If not, or if you don’t know, you may be missing a significant opportunity.

Search engines are getting smarter when it comes to knowing where searchers are geographically located. And, if a search is for a local service, search engines give preference to local results. Below is a screen shot taken from Google for a search for “flowers.” Note that there are three local businesses in the first organic result (shown just beneath paid ads).

Local SEO Experts
Local Search Result Example

Getting to this “3-pack” of local results requires that your business profile be complete and up to date at all of the search engines and that your information is consistent across all search engines, local directories (like and websites. This can be a monumental undertaking if you try to do this manually. Fortunately, CIM has some sophisticated tools to enable us to setup and maintain local search listings with major search engines and directories.

If you’re a local business, contact CIM today to discuss how we can get your company organized in local search.