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Social Media Marketing

Social media can be an effective part of online authority building, but there needs to be a strategy and executional plan in place so that companies and professionals are maximizing its effectiveness. Social media is a good avenue for:

  • Building a following for a brand or company
  • Facilitating customer support
  • Offering specials promotions and deals to targeted prospects
  • Distribution of content in support of authority marketing
  • Engaging users to encourage feedback and interaction

Social media offers unique methods of targeting prospects by interest or behavior, which can lead to creative campaigns that are highly engaging and effective. Social media signals like “shares,” “likes” “comments” and “pluses” also factor into search engine algorithms in determining authority and relevancy.

Community Engagement and Development

One of the first steps is to build an engaged following of your brand. We provide services to help you develop this valuable company asset either from your existing customers, new prospects, or a combination of both. Our Social Media strategies also include developing a content distribution strategy with the right messages with the right frequency. CIM provides ongoing engagement services to continue to grow this network and maximize the effectiveness of each communication.

Pay per Performance Advertising

Many social media properties have paid inclusion offerings that enable companies and brands to increase exposure to targeted audiences. Users can be specifically targeted by geography, interest, lifestyle and more. CIM conducts social media advertising strategies that support the overall Online Brand Authority efforts.

CIM can help determine the most effective platforms and establish a sound strategy to leverage social media for maximum effectiveness, whether your goals are branding, promotion or authority marketing.

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Authority Marketing

Chief Internet Marketer develops authority marketing programs that:

  • Generate leads
  • Drive sales
  • Optimize ROI

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